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The Context

The Maryland National Capital Region is home to 3.25 million people who are talented, driven and ready to accelerate your business. Our six-county jurisdiction, including Anne Arundel County, Charles County, Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, fuels innovation in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. With a GDP of $239,291,686,000, our regional purchasing power is robust and our standard of living is superb. Our region is home to 1.4 million jobs and more than half of Maryland’s economy. Our people are change agents in their industries, communities and in the greater world.

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Map of Maryland Highlighting the Six-County Jurisdiction

Frederick County

Montgomery County

Howard County

Anne Arundel County

Prince George’s County

Charles County

Washington, DC

Map of Maryland Highlighting the Six-County Jurisdiction

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The Edge

Experience what over 84,500 companies already know. From life sciences to health care, cybersecurity to quantum technology, we’re a hub of discovery, diversity and opportunity, with prime access to Washington, D.C. and the advantages to match. The advancement available within our industries and the lifestyle offered in our communities provide the balance of work and play sought by professionals today.

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Communities that attract a range of cultures and talents don’t crop up by chance. Rather, communities that are consciously inclusive—like those in the Maryland National Capital Region—provide the framework for people to thrive. In our region, diversity and aptitude go hand in hand, as we’re home to one of the most racially diverse, most educated …

It takes courage and capability to invent tomorrow, and pioneers in the Maryland National Capital Region are doing it, one audacious idea at a time. Higher education, federal and private industry partners within our region are putting their heads and resources together to create technology solutions that are sustainable and smart. This month’s blog highlights …