Advanced Manufacturing that Revolutionizes Industries

In the Maryland National Capital Region, we make things that matter. We create products that support health, simplify life and advance critical missions. All the while, we create jobs that energize communities. Home to more than 900 advanced manufacturing firms, we drive progress across a spectrum of industries. From aerospace to agriculture, electronics to energetics, we make our mark on the global supply chain, innovating processes and improving life.

Building on a story that began over 200 years ago, every chapter of our legacy is characterized by creativity. While modern processes integrate green technologies, robotics and computer-aided design, integrity powers production—then and now.

Manufacturing talent is in steady supply, courtesy of workforce programs that keep skills relevant and employment robust. The University of Maryland, College Park is ranked among the top undergraduate institutions for supply chain and logistics careers by U.S. News & World Report.

Throughout the region, our manufacturing clusters quicken the pace to market. Access to suppliers and workforce partners relieves costs and shares the wealth.

Here, proximity speeds profitability. Nearly two million consumers are in easy reach, courtesy of rail, road, port and air access in the heart of the Eastern Seaboard.