The Capital of Quantum Computing

The quantum revolution isn’t on the horizon; it’s here. In fact, while the potential of quantum computing to uplevel our capabilities is in the spotlight, our region has quietly pioneered this technology for 30 years. From cybersecurity to aerospace, R & D to digital manufacturing, quantum computing is taking us beyond the classical limits to develop the technologies for healthier tomorrows.

Companies in the quantum arena need an airtight network of technology infrastructure, capital and support to get in the game. As the Capital of Quantum, the University of Maryland, College Park has 200+ researchers in the field, one of the greatest concentrations in the world. The public university is home to a dynamic research enterprise that joins private industry, federal collaborators and startups poised for take-off.

The Discovery District in College Park is home to four federal agencies and over 60 companies accelerating these technologies to market. Democratizing access to quantum capabilities motivates tenants within the district. The Quantum Startup Foundry connects entrepreneurial companies with capital and an immediate customer base. IonQ, which produced the first and only quantum computer available through the cloud on Amazon Braket and Microsoft Azure, is scaling quantum computing power. By 2023, IonQ plans to develop modular quantum computers small enough to be networked together, which could lead to an incredible quantum advantage by 2025. Their Q-Lab in development, a collaboration with the University of Maryland, College Park, will be the first U.S. facility to provide scientists with hands-on access to a commercial-grade quantum computer.